30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Wednesday 7/6/2023 - Running around naked in Riga

My last festival days are mostly dominated by interviews with all the juries. It always amazes me how it can make grown-up people feel so nervous. They all seem to be in a competitive mood: were we not the craziest bunch of them all? But no one can match...

Tuesday 6/6/2023 - Pizza Anti-Vegetariana

Imagine you would walk around in your house and suddenly discover a door that you have never seen before and when you walk through it, you suddenly find yourself in a man cave with all possible utilities. That is exactly what happens to me today. After...

Monday 5/6/2023 - Freckles from Zlín

Finally the mystery is revealed. You only really know that you have returned to Zlin when you step into the elevator of the Hotel Zlin and suddenly that magical voice resounds from the wall, and whispers the same message over and over again in your ears...

Wednesday 1 / Thursday 2 – God is driving a Skoda

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

Tuesday 31 – Dog actors don’t improvise

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

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