30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Interview with the Expert Jury for Student Film Zlin Dog: “We should have more giraffes in our lives”

Festivals are a competitive battlefield. Even outside the official award systems, juries compete with each other for giving the most whacked interview. One team that left all competitors in the shadow. That Golden Slipper goes to Šimon Holý (director,...

Interview with the Ecumenical Jury: “Quality and variation, and sometimes something special”

Spiritual values might be their trademark, but no no jury this week was as keen as asking loads of young actors out on a date than the Ecumenical Jury. We’ll have to consider hiring an extra big party room, especially for Gundi Doppelhammer (Culture...

Interview with the Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “One chicken we have thoroughly discussed”

I am happy about people finding their interviews online, but this time the podcast version could offer you some added value: more stories from Jerzy Moszkowicz (young audience programmer - Poland), a dry approach from Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (director...

Interview with the ECFA Jury: “A poor relationship with shoes in general”

The ECFA Jury came with a surprising conclusion to their festival work: It’s a family thing! The three of them had to come to Zlin to find out about this family bond. That is why we sit around the table with two sisters and one brother: Samina Gul (doxs!

Interview with Expert Jury for Short Animations: “Octopuses are definitely more interesting than carps”

Why is it that interviews with animation juries often end up in wildlife discussions? Featuring in this interview are several deep see animals, horses, dinosaurs, “a remarkably high number of birds”, and of course Vassilis Karamitsanis (president...

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