1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Interview with the Int’l Jury for Short Animated Films: “Usually there are dragons but not this time”

Interviewing the animation jury is usually fun - animators are often a bit weird by nature, and they talk easily about animals and princes and dragons. Arba Hatashi, Corinne Destombes and Filip Posivac are no exception to this rule. But they also come...

Interview with the ECFA Int’l Jury for Documentary Films: “Wine suits my Portuguese personality”

Katerina Hager and Teresa Lima both look nervous and fancy - on a previous occasion Katerina didn’t expect cameras and spotlights and was therefore slightly embarrassed about her casual looks. Now she wears a beautiful necklace (“bought in Sarajevo”)...

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “I hope the giraffe had a stunt double”

You thought festival juries were like a big mystery; a somewhat cultish bunch of erudite gurus? Or would they be more like simple human beings, doing simple human things? Like running marathons, collecting shoes and living joyless lives? You’ll find...

Johannes Schmid about TALES OF FRANZ: “Roaming the neighbourhood alone…”

9-year-old Franz is the smallest kid in his class. On top of that, his voice often lets him down in exciting situations, and all that is left is a squeaky sound. He experiences many adventures, which often call for creative solutions to the everyday problems...

Ham Tran about MAIKA: “Vietnamese audiences do not care for sci-fi”

Things could be better for 8-year-old Hung, who is grieving the loss of his mother. His relationship with his father is strained, his only friend is moving away, and to top it all off, a greedy landlord is bullying his father. Watching the night sky,...

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