1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth



Applications for the 63rd Zlín Film Festival are open

The condition for the participation of all films in the festival is to fill in the application form and send an online screener with English subtitles no later than March 1, 2023. 


At the beginning of September, the XIV DYTIATKO International Children's Media Festival was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The festival brought together more than 700 authors from 85 countries. And although none of these creative people could be invited to...

Interview with the ECFA Int’l Jury for Documentary Films: “Wine suits my Portuguese personality”

Katerina Hager and Teresa Lima both look nervous and fancy - on a previous occasion Katerina didn’t expect cameras and spotlights and was therefore slightly embarrassed about her casual looks. Now she wears a beautiful necklace (“bought in Sarajevo”)...

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “I hope the giraffe had a stunt double”

You thought festival juries were like a big mystery; a somewhat cultish bunch of erudite gurus? Or would they be more like simple human beings, doing simple human things? Like running marathons, collecting shoes and living joyless lives? You’ll find...

Results and jury statements of the 62th Zlin Film Festival

Read the motivation of our juries to choose the winning films.


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