1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth

Photo Gallery

Thanks to our festival JURIES

 This year, 122 films were included in the festival's competitions, which were viewed and evaluated by expert juries. 

Top moments of the 4th festival day

Sunday at the festival is very varied in the program and it was no different this year. See how many visitors, spectators, fans, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents enjoyed the program of each festival zone.

Walk of Fame with two new stars

Today, two more stars were unveiled in Zlín on the Walk of Fame in front of the Grand Cinema. This year the names of actors Barbora Seidlová and Jan Šťastný appear on stone tiles. 

Monday red festival carpet

The fifth festival day also brought a bright red carpet. Arnošt Goldflam, Pavel Nový and Vladimír Polívka walked past it on Monday. Kristýna Podzimková came to Zlín to see her fans as well as a delegation for the film Hello World! and Beanie. See...

Top moments of the 5th festival day

Great festival monday with great festival atmosphere!

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