We are starting tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing you!

The opening ceremony of the 59th Zlín Film Festival will belong to Czech premieres. 

New festival food points - easy way for eating out

To make festival visitors and guests feel as comfortable as possible these new options for eating out, offering a variety of meals, drinks and snacks, are being prepared.

A dinosaur, but not from Jurassic Park

The little dragon Tabaluga lives with his best friends in idyllic Greenland. He has however one big problem: Tabaluga just cannot manage to ignite his fire. Without it he does not feel like a real dragon. On his way to Iceland, in search of fire, he meets...

Frederike Migom about her debut Binti

Frederike Migom says about Binti: “A sheet of paper that says you don’t exist.”

"There is no place to call home," says Binti, the main character in Frederike Migom's feature film debut. Binti and her father have no place to feel at home. Not in...

Drazen Zarkovic about My Grandpa Is an Alien

“We cherish a bit of eccentricity”

Ignored by her classmates, Una has grandpa as her best friend. Until one night, when there’s strange light beams flying over the garden, grandpa disappears. Kidnapped by aliens! That’s a story nobody would believe.