30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
3. 6. 2023

The screening of competitive student films Zlín Dog continues

This year's edition of the Zlín Dog festival offer exactly 50 competition films. Each section presents a selection of student fiction, animation and documentary work from all over the world.

Just like established film professionals, aspiring filmmakers are plagued by topical burning themes such as women's issues, femininity and feminism. Of course, there is no shortage of war conflict and its consequences. 

This year, a record number of Czech films have entered the competition. A total of 12 films represent the FAMU school, such as RitesVinland, Ice BreakDede Is DeadCarp Xmass,and the documentary films Eva Eisler and Everything’s Fine, Potatoes in Line capturing the battle over a brown coal mine and the Turów power plant against the background of a competition for the best potato salad. From Tomas Bata University you can look forward to the animated films Metamorphosis and Whatman, the dance film Selfmotion and the ambicious Island of Freedom starring Jiří Mádl and Judit Bárdos.     

We are keeping our fingers crossed for this year's competitors and we are curious to see how Czech representatives will stand up to such strong competition. Either way, they will again be the most interesting student works in the whole world. 

Zlin Dog Festival Programme 

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