Program tips for Monday 27.5.

On the fourth day of the festival, we pay tribute to the traveller Miroslav Zikmund, whose 100th birthday has inspired the theme of this year's ZFF: Explore & Discover. The screening of the film The Century of Miroslav Zikmund will be accompanied by a...

Interview with Karin van der Meer about TAIKI

How exciting is it to make a film with a wolf? Script author Karin van der Meer and young actor Pepijn van der Sman will come to Zlin to answer that question in detail.

Brits have a morbid fascination with the uncanny and the grim

GWEN, set against the epic landscapes of Snowdonia, takes you back to the dark days of the industrial revolution, in 1855. A teenage girl growing up on a farm in North West Wales, must cope with the illness of her mother and care for her younger sister.

We wish our fathers could have seen this film 40 year ago

Director Aviad Givon about BROKEN MIRRORS

From the outside, the Adler family live an enviable life, but underneath Giora’s great love for his family lays an obsession with his 17-year-old daughter Ariella. With strict military discipline, he follows...

Program tips for Sunday 26. 5.

This festival Sunday will be the twenty-second time that unique film clapperboards, artistically-rendered by Czech artists, will be auctioned off. There are 123 of them this year and the proceeds of the auction, as always, will go to support the work...