30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
15. 3. 2024

Our colleague Jarka was a member of the FIFEM jury in Canada

Jaroslava Hynštová was a member of the jury at 27th FIFEM - Festival International du Film pour enfants de Montréal and it was quite an experience.

 In the competitions there were two Czech films - About a Cow by Pavla Baštanová and Big Dreams by Dan Pánek. Merci beaucoup Jo-Anne Blouin and her team for wonderful hospitality and longtime friendship. Jo-Anne Blouin is the founder and director of FIFEM and our dear friend as well.

There are Martin Beinhauer, the producer and Dan Pánek, the director of Big Dreams on the opening photo. We took this photo few moments before the first screening of Big Dreams.


FIFEM is an intergenerational and festive international film festival, a family version of the biggest cinematographic events in the world! FIFEM's mission is to train the film lovers of tomorrow, by offering them a range of the best youth cinema in the world. The festival lives in an era of globalization and takes a position, through its programming choices, for a harmonious future in cultural diversity. It aims to complement the school curriculum, through educational activities which provide young people with the means to acquire a visual understanding of cultures, traditions and experiences which may be foreign to them. Thanks to its rich programming of exciting (even provocative) films FIFEM uses cinema as a tool to stimulate the curiosity of young people, promote critical thinking and dialogue.

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