30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
18. 2. 2024

Unique artistic works in the form of film clapperboards are gradually coming together in Zlín

Currently, the FILMTALENT Zlín Foundation has gathered nearly a hundred of them from artists, with the remaining twenty film clapperboards being completed by artists these days. The complete collection of 125 pieces from the 27th edition of the Film Clapperboard Salon will be showcased for the first time on March 5th at the Hybernia Theater in Prague.

Among the well-known names, we find Jaroslav Němeček, Kateřina Miler, and Kristián Kodet, as well as a trio of artists who participate annually: Miroslav Göttlich, František Květoň, and Ivan Baborák. For the first time, puppet author Xenie Axamitová has contributed her own slate. After a year’s hiatus, Jiří Slíva and Ticho 762 are also contributing with their clapperboards.

This year’s clapperboards feature not only well-known film personalities such as Tomáš Holý, Bolek Polívka, and Miroslav Donutil, but also Jiří Šlitr, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Glass artist Miroslava Ptáčková reflects the 105th unrealized birthday of Miroslav Zikmund and continues the series of significant Zlín buildings, this time portraying the villa of the famous traveler.

The oldest artist who has participated in our project for the sixteenth time is the ninety-year-old Antonín Vojtek.

The traditional auction will take place during the 64th Zlín Film Festival on June 2nd at the Zlín Congress Center. Proceeds from the clapperboard auction support film projects by students of film schools and other young creators.

Throughout the history of the Film Clapperboard Salon, 2,998 artistically crafted slates have been auctioned, raising a total of CZK 48,332,000. The unbeaten success remains the slate titled “Touhy plná, klapka rozevřená” (“Desires Full, Film Clapperboard Unfolded”) by Libor Vojkůvka from 2008, which was purchased by an enthusiast for CZK 199,000. The complete collection can be viewed on the website salonfilmovychklapek.cz, which provides an overview of all slates from previous Salon editions, along with information about individual authors and other interesting details.

In the introductory photo to the article, there is a film clapboards by Michal Janovský called "Tomáš".


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