30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
10. 6. 2023

Interview with the Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “One chicken we have thoroughly discussed”

I am happy about people finding their interviews online, but this time the podcast version could offer you some added value: more stories from Jerzy Moszkowicz (young audience programmer - Poland), a dry approach from Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (director & producer - Iceland) and fountains of heavenly laughter from Hana Vagnerová (actress - Czech Republic). If her laughing voice sets the standard, then this will be a fun interview!

Let’s find out how good you got to know each other this week. Which one of you has been drinking the most?

Jerzy Moszkowicz: No way!

Hana Vagnerová: Oh yes! Absolutely! Two against one: Jerzy!


Which one has been talking the most?

Hana: Jerzy! You’re a winner!

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson: But it were mainly nice stories.

Jerzy: Are these questions meant to put a blame on me all the time?


The next one is! Who has been falling asleep during screenings?

Hana: Nobody. We’re professionals!


If you as a festival organiser could steal one thing from this festival and take it home with you, what would that be?

Hana: The jury members!

Jerzy: There are so many fantastic things here: good films, good juries,... but by the end of the day I would probably also steal some money. 


What was your favourite animal in this week’s film selection?

Jerzy: One chicken we have thoroughly discussed. It was a decisive element when judging JUNIORS. For me there was also this thing about snakes…

Hana: Snakes?

Jerzy: Because there were none in any of the films.

Hana: There was the magical resurrection of a deer!


Should I conclude that there was a shortage of animals this year?

Jerzy: Yes, and a shortage of positive messages about animals. They mainly died or got killed by the end of the movie. Only one deer kind of magically survived. And more positive messages about snakes, about anacondas in particular. 


Any impressions you want to share on the city of Zlin?

Hana: My expectations were based on its reputation as a ‘city of shoes’. I needed to have my shoe fixed, so I imagined having arrived in the perfect place on the planet. You know what? They couldn’t do it! I feel somehow disappointed.

Jerzy: I admire the architecture. I have been digging into the history behind the Bata houses and buildings, and I think the one who created this city was an absolute genius. It is very wise of the local government to maintain a similar style when constructing new buildings. 

Hana: A city is always made of people; the friendly atmosphere for me is one of the best things. 


Unavoidably we are being driven back to the ‘shoe subject’. What is your relationship with shoes?

Guðmundur: I’ve been trying to buy this special kind of sandals for many years, and I can’t find them anywhere. I went to the Bata shop and was impressed by the quality. I didn’t find my ultimate pair but I might have found a substitute, and will probably pick them up before I go.

Jerzy: I found a pair of ‘sailing shoes’ that look pretty fashionable. In my family shoes were an important issue because of my father’s past. He was born in a tiny village as one of eight children in a farmer’s family. On Sunday when going to church they were divided in two groups, because there were not enough shoes to go all together. For the rest of his life, my father has every day been cleaning shoes for the entire family. When I told my aunt about going to Zlin, she said: “Ah, the city of Bata; I had those shoes for 25 years!


Which mature character from last week’s films would you like to get to know better and maybe even ask out on a date? 

Hana: A date… that makes it complicated! I would ask the Finnish father from THE BUBBLE so he could explain his behaviour to me. We had passionate conversations about him. Those gentlemen here could easily connect to this character, while I couldn’t understand his motivations and behaviour - to put it in a nice way. I would like to ask him why he didn’t do anything to change the situation.



Guðmundur: We’re talking about the characters, not the actors? I would like to meet the father in SCRAPPER, but I don’t think I would like to hang out with him. He is a little too much. And I would go partying with the Israelians in DELEGATION.

Jerzy: I was thinking about the heroes in the soccer film FOREVER, but you convinced me to go partying.

Hana: Wouldn’t you like to meet the guy from I LOVE MOVIES?

Guðmundur: Oh yes, I would love to talk with him about films.


We’ll have to organise a big party to get all these characters together. Pick one director whom you think should make/have made a children’s film at least once in his/her career.

Guðmundur: Lars Von Trier.

Hana: Guðmundur Guðmundsson! 

Guðmundur: I have made children’s films! But not for the smallest ones.


Can you introduce one of your fellow-jury members in one sentence?  

Hana: Ooohhhhh….


Uh, was that your sentence?

Hana: It applies to both of them. Original, authentic, crazy, nice… Oeps, I’m talking about myself more than about them.

Guðmundur: I would say ‘lively’.

Jerzy: Open people, ready to discuss everything, but at the same time strong personalities with strong opinions.

Hana: That’s funny… because it’s true!


What is the last film you’ve seen that made you laugh or cry out loud?

Guðmundur: I was laughing a lot with SCRAPPERS.


Could you imagine yourself having a parallel career? What would you be?

Guðmundur: Something with animals and nature. Not killing them; taking care of them.

Hana: A professional surfer. I am only a beginner.

Jerzy: A professional sporter, it can be soccer, basketball, whatever. I tried all of this, but never on the highest level. 


As an actor or actress, which role in film history would you have liked to play?

Guðmundur: I don’t wanna play any character, because as a director I realise I can always find someone better than me to play the role. I can’t get my head around directors casting themselves. Woody Allen is great in his roles, but otherwise you should simply pick the best actor for a role.

Hana: I would love to play Nicole Kidman in BIG LITTLE LIES. 

Jerzy: Some western movie.


Imagine yourself as a festival programmer with a 100% carte blanche and no budgetary limitations. What would your festival look like?

Guðmundur: In Korea they locked people up in a cinema and didn’t let them leave. There was a theme park, good food and some outdoor activities, but mainly great films. And I think every festival should have a football match.

Jerzy: We have it! Welcome to Poznan! The problem with budgets is that it’s never enough. Unlimited does not exist. I think I would bring as many kids as possible - more spectators! - and invest money in promotion to attract more people. And I would like to welcome as many directors and child actors as possible, which is really expensive.

Hana: I love the physical part of your plans. That is what I find hard in every festival; you’re forced to sit so much. I would love a ‘jumping park’; in every 15 minute break you could jump it all off. And I would love to have masterclasses with the most creative and talented people, which is something I would love to attend myself.  








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