30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
8. 6. 2023

Half of the filmmakers came to Zlín from abroad

Film enthusiasts enjoyed the first week of June in Zlín twice as much. Almost fifty films were presented at the 63rd Zlín Film Festival by the creators themselves. They could meet Estonian, Finnish, Belgian, French, even Canadian delegations. Everywhere they already know where the 75,000 Zlín is.

In the category of the International Competition of Feature Films for Children under 10, the Zlín Film Festival hosted the Czech delegation of the film Tonda, Slávka and the Magical Light, which opened the show. The creators of the film Children of Nagana arrived, as well as the foreign delegations of the films The Musical from Elementary School (ICE), Dog Detective Roi (FIN), Mimi (SVK) and That's Thick, Dude (GER).


The International Feature Film Competition category for teenagers aged 11 and over had several representatives in Zlín. The directors of the films Sea Glow (BEL) and Juniors (FRA) came to Zlín, in the latter case with the main heroine.


The International Competition of short animated films for children under 12 years of age had a large representation in terms of the number of delegations at the 63rd Zlín Film Festival. The show was not missed by representatives of the Czech or co-produced films Goose, Cats are liquid, Viky, the owl from noodles, My name is Edgar and I have a cow, Midnight Watch, Pamplevišky and Light. She was joined by the film actors of Bad Shadow (GER), Where Rabbits Come From (CAN), Pest Beetle (EST), Mini Expedition (FRA), Krab (POL), Reunion (KOR) and Amazing Rita (SUI).


In the Competition of feature-length European documentaries for young audiences, representatives of the films Without Fear (ITA) and It Was Always Me (DNK) came to present themselves in person.


There were delegations to the Zlín Dog International Student Film Competition. In addition to domestic films under the banner of Transformation, Deniska died, Rituals, Ice Break, Ostrov svobody, Selfmotion and Whatman, the authors of the films Materská znaménka (GER), I still want to leave (SVK), About the dead only in good (SVK) and Kreditní karta ( NLD).


The world panorama of children's films was represented by the directors of the films Případ Tesla (BUL) and Jonja (GER). The creators of the opening film Billie Blue (CAN) and Beautiful Creatures (ICE) in the Beyond the Horizon of Childhood category also presented their work at the international exhibition.


There were a number of protagonists of the New Czech Film and TV section, for example The Secret of Mr. M., Sex o'clock, Erhart, Pět let, Princess Enchanted in Time 2.


The films Zlín – the city in the gardens, Stolen airship, Věra Plívová-Šimková and Eduard Štorch, mammoth hunter received a Special presentation and personal presentation.


Annotations for individual films can be found in our film programme. View the photo gallery below.





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