30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
7. 6. 2023

Media literacy is faltering, the Children Without Borders conference reminded

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, which prepared the last block of the Children without Borders conference for the public, focused on media literacy, media literacy and artificial intelligence today. The event was held as part of the Zlín Film Festival for the seventh time. And again she received a great response.

A number of specific outputs were heard at the conference. Karel Strachota, director and founder of the JSNS People in Need educational program, presented research among primary and secondary school pupils regarding media literacy and attitudes towards the media.

What does it imply? "Students' media literacy is very low and young people's mistrust of the media is increasing. Although they spend a lot of time on social networks, they themselves consider them a toxic environment. They would delete or at least flag fake news," was heard in the packed small hall of the Congress Center in Zlín. It was about the behavior of students on the Internet or the possibility of introducing media education in schools.

You can find more interesting information about the topic on the website https://www.jsns.cz/, which offers, for example, video lessons focused on modern Czechoslovak history.


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