30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
6. 6. 2023

Stars on the carpet. The exotic Monteiro was also giving out smiles

Dancer Jessica Monteiro was one of the most striking figures on the red carpet today. Samuel Toman also came as a guest at the 63rd Zlín Film Festival, the star bearers of the Walk of Fame and other celebrities appeared. The parade of festival VIP guests traditionally took place in the courtyard of the Congress Center in Zlín.

Brown beauty Jessica Monteiro is a new addition to the Czech series ZOO. The actress, whose father is from Guinea-Bissau and whose mother is Czech, traveled the world with American rapper Kanye West when he took part in his world tour.

However, she was not the only interesting celebrity who could come to greet the visitors of the Red Carpet. Tereza Ramba and Jan Cina also appeared among the festival stars, to whom the organizers of the 63rd Zlín Film Festival revealed stars on the Walk of Fame. The popular actress did not let herself be embarrassed and started it on stage with the moderators.

You could catch a glimpse of this year's YoungStar Antonia Formanová and Vojtěch Vodochovský. The invitation was also accepted by the charismatic actress Jitka Schneiderová and the young actor Filip Červenka. In short, it was something to look at.

The organizers of the 63rd Zlín Film Festival will roll out the red carpet in the courtyard of the Congress Center for the last time tomorrow. From 3 p.m., don't miss the meeting with Zlata Adamovská, who will receive the Golden Slipper at the gala evening, her partner Petr Štěpánek, Vladimír Kratina, the delegation for the film The Princess Cursed in Time 2: Jan Révai, Sára Korbelová or the delegation for the film Dog Detective Roi.


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