14. 6. 2019

Results and motivations of the 59th Zlín Film Festival

Results and motivations of each festival jury. Read more in this article.

International Expert Jury for Feature Films:

Xiaojuan Zhou (CAN) – president of the jury

Rasko Miljković (SRB)

Rima Das (IND)

Petr Oukropec (CZE)

Floortje van Spaendonck (NLD)

Golden Slipper - for Best Feature Film for Children

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess (NLD, GER, 2018), directed by Steven Wouterlood


In this visually stunning film smartly adapted from a novel, the filmmaker takes us on a bright summer vacation together with two young protagonists. Their preoccupations, either real or imagined, are told from the children´s perspectives. We can not only watch their adventures unfold against the golden light of the summertime, but also taset and smell their unforgettable memories on this isolated island where interesting characters from different generations meet and interact. We are particularly impressed with the performance of Josephine Arendsen who plays Tess.

Jury Award for Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children

Finn Little for the role of Mike in Storm Boy (AUS, 2018), directed by Shawn Seet


In this remake of the Australian classic, Finn Little deleivers a touching performance of a little boy who brings up a baby pelican and does everything to protect the bird. The love between the two is contagious. We enjoy every moment when the two are on the screen. Finn carries the film brilliantly.

Golden Slipper - for Best Feature Film for Youth

Giant Little Ones (CAN, 2018), directed by Keith Behrman


Life can be confusing, especially when you have a dad who recently came out and when you find yourself in an awkard situation with another man after a party. Who are you? No one can provide an easy answer, nor does the film try to. Coming to terms with who you may be but take your time. The entire cast gives us an intimate look into their hearts and souls in a convincing, touching and unexpected way.

Jury Award for Best Youth Performance in a Feature Film for Youth

Blake Cooper for the role of Bobby in Measure of a Man (USA, 2018), directed by Jim Loach


In this well crafted and intelligently scripted film, Blake plays an unassuming but eventually winning character. From an insecure boy to a confident man, the transformation looks natural, authentic and aspirational. His quiet manner and his resilience is mesmerizing. We cheer for him when he conquers.

Special recognition

Rocca Changes the World (GER, 2019), directed by Katja Benrath


The jury strongly felt the need to give a special mention to this feature debut of Katja Benrath. We are taken away by this bubbly, spontaneous and always resourceful young girl and believe that no task is too great for her. In this inspiring and fast paced film, Rocca made us cry and laugh, many times over. Her strength and vulnerability is deeply moving. This is the German answer to Pipi Longstocking. Rocca, go change the world for the better! You rock!

Joint International Jury of Children and Adults for Animated Films:

Anthony Wong (USA) – president of the jury

Olya Golubeva (RUS)

Libor Pixa (CZE)

Tereza Orechovská (SVK)

Kristián Hager (CZE/USA)

Golden Slipper - for Best Animated Film

Cloudy (CZE, 2018), directed by Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová


Cloudy has an inventive idea that is tailored for animation. This well paed comedy is packed with funny visuals. The film´s music and sound design further add to its charm. Overal, the execution is quite successful. The young audience at theatre received the film with cheers and laughter.

The Hermína Týrlová Award for Young Artists under 35

Teofrastus (EST, 2019), directed by Sergei Kibus


It is not easy task to evoke the audience´s compassion through animation. However, Teofrastus manages to seize such element.In the film, the protagonist ginger cat captures the audience starting with its first appearance at the train statiion. The film´s detailed background and sincer narration infer another layer of realism to the story. Despite some minor issues, the director´s passion carries the film to a satisfying ending. The two young jurors in the committe really enjoyed this film.

Special recognition

A Good Heart (RUS, 2018), directed by Evgeniya Zhirkova


Funny with comedic timing. A Good Heart was well received by the screening audience. Its execution is professional and the animation is appealing. I tis an entertaining fast paced film with a heartfelt ending. The young jurors in the committe liked the „cave-painting“ style that the film used.

International Children’s Jury for Feature Films for Children:

Sofiia Ohrimenko (UKR)

Antonín Sláma (CZE)

Magnus Søberg (NOR)

Julia Polak (POL)

Yrja Walter (NOR)

Main Prize of the Children’s Jury - for the Best Feature Film for Children

Rocca Changes the World (GER, 2019), directed by Katja Benrath


We´ve decided this film is the winner because it has many positive points to it. In our opinion this film is gripping, touching, amusing, funny, inspiring and has a good story. It is very entertaining and fascinating movie to watch as a child. It teaches that everything is possible if you believe. Luna Maxeiner has done very good job playing Rocca and she really embraced the role. The main character Rocca is great because she´s very confident and she does what others only think.

International Children’s Jury for Feature Films for Youth:

Šimon Konečný (CZE)

Ingvild Flikkerud (NOR)

Nina Petrikovičová (SVK)

Polina Miroshnichenko (UKR)

Matěj Růžička (CZE)

Main Prize of the Youth Jury - for the Best Feature film for Youth

Psychobitch (NOR, 2018), directed by Martin Lund


The Youth Jury has agreed that Norwegian film Psychobitch has come up with a very original story pointing to the life of outsiders, that is not always a piece of cake. Music - especially the song "Stronger (Sigrid)" – was a bonus of a crazy film atmosphere. The jury appreciates the great performances and the environment in which the film was shot.

International Expert Jury for European First Films:

Ľubica Orechovská (SVK) – president of the jury

Slobodan Dedeić (SRB)

Šimon Šafránek (CZE)

The Europe Award - for the Best European First Film

The Unpromised Land (SWE, 2019), direted by Victor Lindgren


The film sensitively talks about the coexistence of different cultures in contemporary Sweden, which at the same time concerns the whole of Europe. Without the use of stereotype, pathos and instruction, the film tells the story of understanding, friendship and family search.

Karel Zeman Award - Special Recognition for Best Visual Concept

Cleo – If I Could Turn Back Time (GER, 2019), directed by Erik Schmitt


The film boldly reveals the soul and history of Berlin, a city that becomes not only an attractive place for the story, but an important figure. Time passing gives you the chance to work with visual effects and animation. The result is a nimble adventure between reality and dream.

International Expert Jury for Student Films Zlín Dog:

Marko Kalmari (FIN) – president of the jury

Sarah Ahern (IRL)

Tomáš Michálek (CZE)

Main Prize for the TOP Film of Zlín Dog with prize money of EUR 1000

Provence (BEL, 2018), directed by Kato De Boeck


Provence is a confident and sensitive coming-of-age story with two remarkable performances from it's central characters, a young brother and sister. The jury felt that Provence captured a critical childhood moment with a subtly and assurance of a accomplished filmmaker. Told through the dreamy lightness of the countryside on a summer vacation, the storytelling is both unexpected and observant in its portrayal of youth.

Genre prizes:

Best Animated Film

Muteum (EST, 2017), directed by Äggie Pak Yee Lee


Muteum was a favourite amongst the jury for its skilled animation and design, as well as for its playfulness and humour. A group of children on a exhibition tour of some of the world’s most remarkable art, are regularly silenced by their strict teacher. Upon getting rare moment to run amok, these wonderful, mischievous characters ask us to take a nice wink at ourselves and to not always take our history so seriously.

Special recognition

Inanimate (GBR, 2018), directed by Lucia Bulgheroni


A woman caught up in the speed of her everyday routine, begins to notice how quickly time is passing by her. Told through some wonderfully surreal storytelling, we see the protagonist desperately trying to reconnect with her boyfriend. An intelligent, self-aware ending, where the artifice of animation reflects the artifice of life.

Best Documentary Film

Apart (CZE, 2018), directed by Diana Cam Van Nguuyen


Apart tells multiple stories of grief through a combined format of animation and documentary. This universal theme is explored through several re-tellings that are deeply personal and at the same time illustrated with a deftness of hand that is both relatable and rich with association.

Special recognition

Ma'MaQueen (NLD, 2017), directed by Esmée van Loon


An intimate portrait of brave young drag queen, expressing himself through performance. At the film’s heart, is a compelling moment between father and son; an older generation learning how to accept the freedom of the new with great understanding and compassion.

Best Live-Action Film

Last Call (HUN, 2018), directed by Hajni Kis


Last Call impressed the jury with the sometimes overbearing difficulty of the everyday, told from the point of view a remarkable and humane central character in a difficult socio-economic position. The heroine brings us on rollercoaster of a day, that illustrates masterfully the hope of change versus the understanding of what we know, ending a hopeful note to keep moving forward.

Special recognition

Cherries (CZE, SVK, 2019), directed by Katarína Gramatová


The jury wanted to award Cherries a special mention for skillfully capturing a portrait of a young woman who is couped up in her grandfather’s house on summer vacation. What starts as a battle of generations, and the hope and disappointment of a new crush, turns into a beautiful understanding between grandfather and granddaughter. Watch out for Tereza Marečková, a star in-the-making.

EFCA – International jury:

Rowena Martinez Ulayan-Tuzcuoglu (TUR) – president of the jury

Kristine Simsone (LAT)

Volodymyr Diagilev (UKR)

ECFA Award – for Best European Documentary Film for Young Audience

How Big Is the Galaxy? (RUS, EST, 2018), directed by Ksenia Elyan


The jury's choice is for a film that has been a good example of documentary filmmaking - honest, natural and illuminating. The filmmaker's camera is felt as a friendly presence, revealing the subjects' purity and charisma. It is a realistic rendition of a day to day life of a vanishing indigenous people - the Dolgan tribe. At the same time the film is reminding that childhood is beautiful no matter where you live - in tundra or in a megapolis.

International Ecumenical Jury:

Dr. Guido Covents (BEL) – president of the jury

Daniela Hublart (FRA)

Rev. Michael Otrisal (CZE)

Ecumenical Jury Award

Psychobitch (NOR, 2018), directedby Martin Lund


The jury was touched by this story about the importance of living truthfully. In a small Norwegian village school Marius experiences the outsiders world by chance having in mind to "fix" the different apparently unsocial behavior of Frida in his class, he discovers an unforeseen, challenging, but existing and adventurous relationship which leads him to be honest with himself and the others.

Special recognition

Rocca Changes the World (GER, 2019), directed by Katja Benrath


In this film the spectator is confronted with Rocca, the eleven years daughter of a German Astronaut. The story begins the moment she coming from the Gagarin cosmonaut Center in Kazakhstan landed in Hamburg to live with her grandmother and to go to school in residential area in Hamburg. Her taking care, creativeness and non-conforming way of life brings joy.to the people she interacts with and changes them

Audience awards:

Golden Apple – The City of Zlín Audience Award for Best Feature Film

Rocca Changes the World (GER, 2019), directed by Katja Benrath


ČT: D Audience Award – for Best Short Animated Film

Animanimals – Sloth (GER, 2007), directed by Julie Ocker