12. 4. 2013


From the very beginning, part and parcel of ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL has also been an open-air cinema.

From the very beginning, part and parcel of ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL has also been an open-air cinema. You may also remember that one year there was an addition of the American style drive-in cinema and the screenings took place in Čepkov. However, as it is with plenty of American pop-up sensations, the European interest in them diminishes after a while and the same destiny was met by the drive-in cinema in Zlín.  The open-air cinema on the sloping lawn under Dum umění (Music Hall) is still the true hit of the festival and the film projections can attract hundreds of viewers. People are just roughing it up on the grass, enjoying cold drinks or food bought from nearby kiosk and even portable grills weren't an exception.

In order to avoid any boredom prior to the evening screenings the ZFF team had come up with the idea they called Dusk Awaiting, which is essentially a concert. Therefore, this small music festival of various bands during the festival will operate as the supporting act before each film projection. Styles and genres will be various but the quality next to none! A mixture of free spirit, summer in the air and fab music/film experience is the perfect recipe for a potion that will kick your socks off! :o))

This year, the open-air cinema will have a little added extra in the form of a tent. It will be a music tent full of fun and frolics. It will be located under the projection screen and above the road between the department store PRIOR and Obchodni Akademie (Business High School).  ''And what about the programme?'', I hear you ask. One of its main focuses will be on music from different bands and DJs and you can have a blast there from early hours of the afternoon.  However, the main purpose of the tent will be fulfilled after the open-air film projections have finished, in other words, throughout the night. :o)) However, it definitely will not be a non-stop laud head-bashing fest. In particular during the projections and afternoon hours one can enjoy a nice cold pint of beer with chill-out background music. The surrounding areas of the tent will be occupied by independent visual artists. You will be able to witness graffiti creation as well as other current visual art forms.