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Section: Film Industry

Screenwriting Development of Audiovisual Work

Fri 02.06 | 10:00, Congress Centre

Panel discussion with scriptwriters, script editors and producers who will demonstrate on the concrete projects the implementation procedures, cooperation with the script editors, the acceptance of the producer's requirements and the importance of the literary development phase for the subsequent preparation and production of AVD.
The event is intended for members of the Zlín Creative Cluster, students and FMK graduates, festival guests not only from film professionals but also for the public interested in the film.
Attendance in the discussion promised:
Pavel Kosatík, Zuzana Vojtíšková, Pavel Hajný, Pavel Taussig, Roman Kopřivík, Miroslav Adamec, Jan Gogola, Zdeněk Skaunic, Marian Urban.

The discussion will take place on 2nd June, 10.00 - 12.30 in the small hall of the Congress Center in Zlín