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Section: Golden Slipper for Special Contribution in Children´s and Youth Cinema

The Immortal Aunt (1993) 3

Czech Republic | 1993 | 98 min.

A fairy-tale story about a village apprentice, Matěj who suddenly gains reason and decides to pursue the hand of Princess Pavlinka, whose father has just lost reason. Before Matej can win his princess, he must face several unpleasant encounters with the "immortal woman" Envy, who has spun her webs and controls almost everybody in the castle. However, with the help of Reason and Happiness, all obstacles are eventually overcome and Matěj and Pavlínka plan to marry. The tangled, seemingly complicated plot twists are untangled and even Reason finds reason.

CountryCzech Republic
Duration98 min
Directed by Zdeněk Zelenka
Screenplay Zdeněk Zelenka
Director of Photography Viktor Růžička
Music Jiří Svoboda, Antonín Soukup
Edited by Zdenek Patočka
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A film director and screenwriter. He graduated from FAMU. He debuted with the film A Charming Heritage (1985). His work is primarily connected with TV, e.g. the films Kean (1995), The Big Case (1999) and Canadian Night (Kanadská noc, 2008). For children he's made The Immortal Aunt (1993) and The Magic of Kings (2008).

Comedy, Fairy-tale, Supernatural