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Circleen, Coco and the Wiild Rhinoceros (2018) 3

Denmark | 2018 | 64 min.

Cirkeline finds a best friend with the airs of a princess, and Ingolf meets a rhinoceros who’s fed up with always being the little one. They set off together on a journey that teaches them that being in charge isn’t always a piece of cake and that even the teeniest of rhinos can prove to be the greatest of heroes.

Duration64 min
SubtitleEnglish, Simultanneous transla
Directed by Jannik Hastrup
Screenplay Kit Goetz, Nanna Westh, Trine Breum, Jannik Hastrup
Director of Photography Jannik Hastrup
Music Moussa Diallo
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A Danish screenwriter, director and animator. His animated films include Benny's Badekar (1970), Circleen (1967–1971), War of the Birds (Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven, 1990), and The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear (Drengen der ville gøre det umulige, 2003), which have become classics and audience hits.

Friendship, Road movie, Teamwork, Animals, Animation, Diversity