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Matti and Sami and the Three Biggest Mistakes in the Universe (2018) 8

Finland, Germany | 2018 | 94 min.

Matti dreams of a family vacation in his father’s native country, Finland. He manages to get what he wants by telling a whopping lie. But once they get there, Matti, his younger brother Sami and his parents find themselves without a place to stay, no money and no car in the middle of the Finnish wasteland. Only a miracle can save them – or Uncle Jussi, who has been struggling to compete with Matti’s father his whole life. A summer movie for children that stands out for its wonderful pun... And that´s not a lie.

CountryFinland, Germany
Duration94 min
LanguageFinnish, German
SubtitleEnglish, Simultanneous transla
Directed by Stefan Westerwelle
Screenplay Vicky von Minckwitz
Director of Photography Julia Daschner
Music Timo Hietala
Edited by Andreas Radtke
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A German screenwriter and director. He graduated in Film and TV studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne with the successful drama While You Are Here (Solange du hier bist, 2007). He then independently shot Detlef (2012) and the thriller Lose Your Head (2013).

Relationships, Comedy, Family, Childhood