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Radio DOLORES (2017) 15

Spain | 2017 | 18 min.

RADIO DOLORES is a puppet animation documentary of the everyday lives of shoe factory workers in 1930s Tampere. It tells the story of stove room rebels, the illegal radio transmitters of cold attics, and shoemaker Arvo, who disappeared in the Spanish Civil War and left his son only an accordion and a ticket to the jail in Malaga.

Duration18 min
Directed by Katariina Lillqvist
Screenplay Katariina Lillqvist
Director of Photography Patricia Ortiz Martínez
Edited by Ortiz Martínez & Katariina Lillqvist


Katariina Lillqvist is a Finnish-born director and scriptwriter who lives and works in Czech Republic. She is chairperson of film co-operative Camera Cagliostro (FI/CZ), producer in animation studio Mamiwata (CZ) and the driving force behind Prague Puppet Museum (CZ). Lillqvist released her puppet animation BABY BOX in March 2015, a black comedy of the post-socialistic society´s abandoned children.