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That Time Together (2017) 12

Czech Republic | 2017 | 75 min.

This is the story of a young Jewish girl, Tereza Zágorová, who finds shelter from deportation in the Wallachian hills; her family has already been taken. Tereza tries to fit into her new environment and learns how life in the village is different from the city. But the wartime period also reaches the countryside and the girl must be careful to hide her secrets.

CountryCzech Republic
Duration75 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Marta Santovjáková Gerlíková, Jiří Novotný
Screenplay Marta Santovjáková Gerlíková, Petr Kubelík
Director of Photography Jiří Novotný
Music Petr Kubelík
Edited by Jiří Novotný
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A film director and screenwriter, she does not have an education in film. She has worked for Beskydy regional television, and is currently working for Mejla Production. She co-directed the feature-length film Grandfather (Děda, 2016). A director, editor and cameraman, he studied directing and production at Film School Zlín. He's worked for Beskydy regional television and ČT. He works at Mejla Production, with whom he has worked on a number of commercials and corporate presentations. He also shoots video clips. He co-directed the feature-length film Grandfather (Děda, 2016).

Drama, Family, Friendship, History, Tradition, War, Empathy