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Section: International Competition of Animated Films for Children

Traces of My Brother (2016) 10

Germany | 2016 | 15 min.

Max mourns over the death of his brother in the war. He tries to be like him and wants to join the army even though his parents don´t want to hear about it. Against their will, he goes to town to become a soldier. The accident on the way, however, ruins his plans.

Duration15 min
LanguageNo dialogues
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Moritz Mayerhofer
Screenplay Bartosz Grudziecki, Moritz Mayerhofer
Director of Photography Moritz Mayerhofer
Music Peter Thomas Gromer
Edited by Sven Kulik, Bastian Mattes
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A German animator and director, he studied animation at Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg and at the Gobelins art school in Paris. He sits in film festival juries and hosts lectures at conferences and animation programs. He won world renown with the short animated film Urs (2009). Of his other works we'll mention Amen! (2009) and the collective animated documentary Father (2012).This film is a part of the set Short Animations 3.