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Section: Days of Swedish Cinema

There Should be Rules (2016) 14

Sweden | 2016 | 89 min.

Mia and Mirjam are 14 years old and live in a dead boring town – there's not even an airport. They are not grown up, but are working on it. Mirjam jumps the gun on adult life and starts an affair with an older man – he says he loves her, but the facade is breaking. Mia has a dad who drinks a little bit too much. Luckily they have each other and Karl, their super smart friend who knows almost everything.

Duration89 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Linda-Maria Birbeck
Screenplay Linda-Maria Birbeck
Director of Photography Klas Karterud
Music Jens Lindgård + Petter Lindgård
Edited by Ulrika Rang
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She is a screenwriter and director based in Amsterdam. She studied photography at an art school in Utrecht. She gained attention with her short film Zorro (Som en Zorro, 2012) and made her successful feature debut with the drama There Ought to Be Rules (Det borde finnas regler, 2015).

Growing Up, Friendship, Love