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Swing It Kids! (2016) 10

Switzerland | 2016 | 82 min.

The Swiss children’s band Swing Kids entertains young and old wherever they go: at the Montreux Jazz Festival as well as on tour through Switzerland, the USA and Japan. The film accompanies several Swing Kids starting off with their first auditions, taking a journey to Japan for several weeks until tearfully leaving the band at the age of eighteen. They must make space for new talents who get the chance to make music and experience their own exciting adventures.

Duration82 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Fabian Kimoto
Director of Photography Raphael Binder & Fabian Kimoto
Music Deniz Khan
Edited by Sophie Blöchinger
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He's a documentary filmmaker and artist with Swiss and Japanese citizenship. He studied animation in Berlin. He works in the field of electronic music as a colorist, graphic designer and composer. He directed the documentaries The Rising Sun (2010) and Swing It Kids! (2016).

Growing Up, Friendship, Music, Documentary, Relationships