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Off the Map (2013) 13

Argentina | 2013 | 95 min.

Four best friends in school – Federico, Paula, Graciela and Fabián- decide to skip class and sneak into the school basement. But Miriam, the class’ gossip and teacher’s pet, discovers them and threatens them. She will rat on them if they don’t let her stay and be part of the adventure. Now, what was meant to be a time of intimacy fun between friends is turned into a time of jealousy, fear, hatred. Hidden crushes are exposed, unveiling a series of conflicts unthinkable of before skipping class. Meanwhile, upstairs, on the school’s surface, the teacher and the principal discover that the five kids are missing and warn their parents, who react in different ways, hence revealing conflicts of their own.

Duration95 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Leandro MARK, Nicolas SILBERT
Screenplay María Inés FALCONI
Director of Photography Sebastián Gallo
Music Gustavo Pomeranec
Edited by Conan Doyle, Leandro Mark, Alejandro Parysow
Contact Horacio G. Grinberg


Nicolás Silbert and Leandro Mark are directors from Argentina. Silbert graduated in directing from a film university in Buenos Aires. He also studied acting, clown studies and music and has been involved in graphic design and audio-visual arts. He works as a TV graphic artist. Mark studied design. He's worked for many years in TV, where he focuses on editing, directing and post-production. He's also a cinematographer. He co-founded the production company Boogieman Media. He's made music videos and commercials. He coordinates the operations of international film productions. They debuted with the feature adventure film Fallen Off The Map (Caídos del mapa, 2013).