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Run Boy Run (2014) 12

Poland, Germany, France | 2014 | 112 min.

Srulik is nine years old when he escapes from the Warsaw ghetto in 1942. He hides in some nearby woods where, together with other escaped Jewish children, he tries to survive till the end of the war. They sleep in the trees and live on what they hunt or steal from nearby farms. But hunger and cold force them to return to civilization. He has to change his name to Jurek Staniak and pretend that he's an orphan from a Catholic family. In the villages he meets people who risk their lives to help him, but also those who betray him. The film is a poignant and inspiring tale of one boy's journey and how he matures from day to day in order to survive.

CountryPoland, Germany, France
Duration112 min
LanguageGerman, Hebrew, Polish
Directed by Pepe Danquart
Screenplay Heinrich Hadding
Director of Photography Daniel Gottschalk
Music Stéphane Moucha
Edited by Richard Marizy
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Pepe Danquart (1955) is a German screenwriter, director and producer. He graduated in communication studies from university in Freiburg. He made his debut with the live-action film Daedelus (Dädalu, 1991). His work focuses mainly on short, documentary, and TV films, of which we'll mention Black Rider (Schwarzfahrer, 1993), Playboys (1998), Hell on Wheels (Höllentour, 2004) and To the Limit (Am Limit, 2007). From his feature films we'll mention Angel of Death (Semana Santa, 2002) and C(r)ook (2004).