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Section: International Competition of Feature Films for Children

Taina - an Amazon Legend (2013) 8

Brazil | 2013 | 88 min.

Shot in the Amazon rainforest this film tells the story of Taina, a 5-year-old orphan native girl who dreams of becoming a warrior and discovering her true origin. Along the way, she makes unexpected friends; Laura, a lost city girl, and Gobi, a nerd native boy. While on an eventful journey, they learn to overcome their mutual differences. Taina confronts the ancestral enemy of her family, Jurupari, the incarnation of Evil who wants to destroy the Forest. This film concludes the Taina trilogy that includes Taina – An Amazon Adventure and Taina 2 – A New Amazon Adventure.

Duration88 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Rosane Svartman
Screenplay Claudia Levay
Director of Photography Dudu Miranda
Music Luiz Avellar
Edited by Aruanã Cavalleiro, Wellington Dutra, Nataraney Nunes dos Santos


Rosane Svartman (1971) is a Brazilian screenwriter and director originally from the USA. She started out with short films, e.g. Urban Angels (Anjos Urbanos, 1996). She made her successful feature-length debut with the comedy How To Be Single in Rio (Como Ser Solteiro, 1998). Of her other films we'll mention the comedy Once Again Love (Mais Uma Vez Amor, 2005), the family film Desenrola (2011), and the children's adventure Tainá - An Amazon Legend (Tainá - A Origem, 2013).