Section: International Competition of European First Films

Leave to Remain (2013) 15

U.K. | 2013 | 89 min.

Omar, a charismatic Afghan teenager, is at the precarious juncture of having his refugee status decided when the arrival of a boy from back home threatens to change everything. Forced into a position where the outcome may be the difference between life and death, his only options are to tell the unbelievable truth or to tell a good story. For Omar and the thousands like him who arrive alone and scared to our shores each year, the asylum system is a cruel game of chance.

Duration89 min
Directed by Bruce Goodison
Screenplay Bruce Goodison, Charlotte Colbert
Director of Photography Feliex Wiedemann
Music ALT-J
Edited by Andrew Hulme
Contact Kate Cook, James Levison


Bruce Goodison (1964) is a British screenwriter, director and producer. He's a recognized and award-winning documentary and TV filmmaker. Among others, he has directed Our Sam (2003), The Flight That Fought Back (2005), Our War (2011), and My Murder (2012). He's also collaborated on TV series, e.g. Ten Days to War (2008). The drama Leave to Remain (2013) is his directorial feature live-action debut.