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Section: International Competition of Films for Children

My Sweet Orange Tree (2012) 10

Brazil | 2012 | 99 min.

Zezé, almost eight years old, lives with his poor family in the country. He's sensible, he's precocious. He is a story teller. He's a problem! His favorite activity is to make mischief at home and in his neighborhood. And he is never short of new ideas! His favorite refuge is a sweet orange tree to which he can unload all the bad things that happen to him, all the good news and all his secret tricks. A touching story of love and friendship that relates to the most unexpected meeting.

Duration99 min
SubtitleEnglish, simultanneous transla
Directed by Marcos Bernstein
Story José Mauro de Vasconcelos
Screenplay Marcos Bernstein, Melanie Dimantas
Director of Photography Gustavo Hadba
Music Armand Amar
Edited by Marcelo Moraes
Production Passaro Films
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