We Will Kick Off 64. Zlín Film Festival Exactly One Month from Now

30. April 2024

The world's largest and oldest film festival for children and youth will offer viewers 293 films from 55 countries this year. Anna Fialová, Darija Pavlovičová, Filip Březina, and Adam Mišík will appear as Young Stars. The 64th Zlín Film Festival will kick off with the world premiere of the documentary The Grand Finale of PSO. The event takes place from May 30th to June 5th.

The sixty-fourth year of the film festival, as every year, will bring a diverse and interesting film program from various corners of the world to the festival visitors in Zlín, along with a range of supporting activities for all generations against the backdrop of Bata's Zlín. As part of its program, the festival will also commemorate significant anniversaries of filmmakers who dedicated part of their work to children.

During the festival, we will remember Oldřich Lipský, Karel Kachyňa, and František Vláčil, who would have celebrated their hundredth birthdays this year. We will not forget the ninetieth birthday of the first lady of children's cinema, director Věra Plívová-Šimková, on May 29th, and the eightieth birthday of dramaturge Jan Gogola,

noted the president of the Zlín Film Festival, Čestmír Vančura.

The Zlín Film Festival is traditionally primarily about a diverse film offering and the opportunity to see films for children and youth on the big screen, which viewers usually cannot see anywhere else but at the Zlín festival. In six competition sections, 126 films will be presented, with an additional 167 in non-competition sections. A total of 293 films from 55 countries will thus come to Zlín, many of them in world premieres. Among them are representations of exotic landscapes such as the Philippines, Colombia, Ecuador, Cyprus, and Thailand. They will also be accompanied to Zlin by numerous film delegations composed of directors, producers, and other creators.

From the position of a respected international festival, we strive to bring the latest productions, which was a bit of a challenge this year because, especially in Europe, there hasn't been as much success in the realm of quality children's films. I am particularly pleased that we can offer our viewers more films with an exotic flair – something that is not seen very often,

explained artistic director Markéta Pášmová and added,

In the non-competition program, we are focusing, among other things, on web series for teenagers, and by including the section 'Onward to the Olympics', we will also reflect the upcoming sports festival.

This year, the Czech Republic will be primarily represented in the competitions by documentary filmmaking. In the section of feature-length documentaries for young audiences, the world premiere of the film The Grand Finale of PSO by director Dominik Kalivoda will be presented. In the same section, the documentary Dakar Sistaz by director Jan Těšitel will also be screened. In the competition of short animated films for children, the Czech Republic will be represented by 8 titles, with the world premiere of the film Everything We Missed directed by Marta Prokopová. Seven Czech student films will be presented in the Zlín Dog competition.

This year, the festival continues to provide a platform for international networking among film professionals during the Zlín Industry Days. It's a specialized program, unique in the Czech Republic, focused on supporting content creation for children and youth. Educators will also have a conference block dedicated to topics and personalities under the theme "Children Without Borders."

The Zlín Film Festival officially kicks off on May 30th at 10 a.m. with the Czech premiere of the Norwegian film Lars is LOL. Directed by Eirik Sæter Stordahl, this touching, humorous, and inventive film tells the story of the importance of friendship, individuality, and the struggle to fit in with peers. During the ceremonial evening opening for adults, the world premiere of the aforementioned Czech documentary The Grand Finale of PSO by young director Dominik Kalivoda will be screened.

In addition to a somewhat Hollywood-like story about enthusiasts from a small town setting off for big stages, the film is the personal testimony of ordinary young people about the world around us,

said the director about the film.

A special project called Young Stars focuses on the younger generation, where the festival organizers introduce actors with promising futures who can appeal to young audiences, inspire them, and serve as motivation. This year, Anna Fialová, Darija Pavlovičová, Filip Březina, and Adam Mišík will take on this role in Zlín. They are all looking forward to visiting the festival in Zlín.

I really like Zlín, my ex-girlfriend used to live near Zlín, so I used to come here often. It's a beautiful and aesthetic city,

confirmed Filip Březina.

However, the festival's supporting program will also focus on topics for young people.

As part of the teen zones, we are preparing not only film screenings for this generation but also a VR cinema, discussions from the Life is Thus series, and a number of concerts. Students themselves will also have a space this year, entertaining their peers on Saturday during the Night of Student Bands,

said Jarmila Záhorová, Executive Director of the Zlín Film Festival.

As in previous years, the festival will also include additional programs and activities at various locations throughout Zlín, providing entertainment, education, and opportunities for meaningful family time. An integral part of the festival is the unique auction of film clapperboards, the proceeds of which will go through the FILMTALENT. Zlín Foundation to support young filmmakers and aspiring creators. The traditional

Festival Half Marathon MONET+ Zlín and the Festival Family Run will also be part of the event. Both events will take place on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

This year, the winners of awards at the 64th Zlín Film Festival will be decided by expert juries. Among the 15 jurors from 12 countries around the world will be individuals such as director and screenwriter Adam Sedlák, dramaturge Anna Vášová, animator and visual artist Lucie Sunková, director and screenwriter Damián Vondrášek, Swedish screenwriter Jessika Jankert, and others.

At the ceremonial opening on May 30th, director Hynek Bočan will receive the Golden Slipper award from the festival president, and at the gala evening on June 5th, actor Bolek Polívka will receive it.

The festival will officially conclude with the Echoes of the Zlín Film Festival, which will take place not only in Mikulov from June 11th to 13th, 2024, but also in 15 other cities across the Czech Republic. Selected festival films will be screened in cinemas from June 6th to 30th.