Don’t Interrupt Young Filmmakers; They Have Something to Tell Us

26. April 2024

Let's be glad that the articles on our websites are not and (undoubtedly) never will be limited in length. Fortunately, in our student section, length is not an issue at all. What matters is precisely the message that the young generation of filmmakers is trying to convey to us through their early films. And we definitely don't want to interrupt them!

The film Elektra by the aforementioned director is definitely not missing in this year's competitive section of student films at the Zlín Dog festival. In this category of animated films, a total of 25 of them are competing. Year after year, I am amazed by the creativity with which animators can work and bring into their works. High-quality animation is typically dominated by French production, where it is really difficult to eliminate films from the competition. However, the ratio of crew members in such films is much higher compared to, for example, domestic animations, where one name sometimes hides several professions, including the director's.

From French production, I would highlight films such as Vidalia with its utopian vision of warring vegetables and On the 8th Day, which features computer animation accurately depicting the structure of waves. Both films will undoubtedly be a feast for the eyes on the big screen. I always appreciate a certain departure from the so-called comfort genre zone. This year, for me, it is clearly represented by the Slovak horror fairytale Dream Rotation and the Polish art film Such Miracles Do Happen, which features animated sacral statues and boneless children.

In the live-acted category, there are a total of 12 student creations. A strong national theme challenging the system can be found in the Belgian film Stateless. The theme of sexual and transgender identity is provided by the Iranian-Swiss movie Son. I was pleasantly surprised by the formal innovative approach in the German-Swiss film Recordings of a Weather Camera.

The genre category with the least competition (a total of 8 films) is student documentaries. Documentary filmmaking can be described as extremely diverse every year in terms of topics. Poisoned Well provides a critical reflection on the state of the country and the ongoing situation of Slovak society towards the LGBTI+ community. I would also like to mention two significant anidocs competing in this category. One is the Polish documentary 49 385, referring to the number tattooed on the director's grandmother's arm during her time in a concentration camp. The other is the award-winning film Rising Above from FAMU, which uniquely depicts the state of a victim after rape.

The theme of the Ukrainian-Russian war still resonates through all genre categories. A powerful example is the film There Are People in the Forest, despite being made with very simple animation. The documentary Wounds introduces us to women who have lost their husbands on the Ukrainian front line. The animated Heart Hug focuses on the state of a beloved dog in the occupied country, while the live-acted The Rooms We Share explores the feelings of a refugee in a foreign land.


This is indeed an incomplete list of significant films represented in this year's Zlín Dog competition. It demonstrates the fundamental fact that student filmmaking is truly unique, full of innovative perspectives and themes that resonate not only with young people but with society as a whole. Let us also acknowledge that preparing for a feature film shoot takes time. However, if we want to convey something the most promptly and effectively, short films are the ideal path for filmmakers. Therefore, I reiterate my opening statement. Let us not underestimate (and certainly not interrupt) the young generation of filmmakers; they truly have something essential to tell us.

The competitive films of Zlín Dog for the year 2024

Live-acted films
Catching Birds Zápasnice Simon Maria Kubiena, Lea Marie Lembke Germany, France, Austria 2023
Crust Jizvy Jens Kevin Georg Germany 2023
Eighth Day Osmý den Petr Pylypčuk Czech Republic 2023
Guardian of the Steppe Strážce stepi Saya Omar Kazakhstan 2023
Recordings of a Weather Camera Natočeno webkamerou Bernhard Wenger Germany, Austria 2024
So long my truck Náklaďák Yinghe LUO China 2023
Son Syn Saman Hosseinpuor Iran, Switzerland 2024
Stateless Bez identity Tawfik Sabouni Belgium 2022
Stay Home Stay Safe Úkryt Martin Bystriansky Czech Republic 2023
Stuck Together Jsme v tom spolu Anna Wowra Czech Republic 2023
The Rooms We Share Návštěvnice Nadiia Kathymlianska Germany 2023
Tremolo Tremolo Leonard Julius Mink Germany 2022


Animated films
AND THEN… Potom... Leo Graf, Tanja Nuijten, Raphael Stalder Switzerland 2022
CookedFellas Pasta a basta! David Sick Germany 2023
Dead End Dead End Fabienne Priess, Levin Tamo Germany 2024
Doubt Pochybnost Adela Križovenská Czech Republic 2023
Dream Rotation Dream Rotation Katarína Jelínková, Darya Sidorova, Viktória Zimmermannová, Rebeka Vakrčková Slovak Republic 2023
Electra Electra Daria Kashcheeva Czech Republic 2023
Every Other Weekend Každý druhý víkend James Naughton Ireland 2023
Giovanna and the big peacock Giovanna a velký páv Maria Zilli Italy 2023
Heart Hug Srdce v objetí Nika Zhukova, Rimma Gefen Israel, Ukraine 2023
HOMODEUS HOMODEUS Armin Rangani United Kingdom 2023
HUMANITY HUMANITY Tereza Kovandová Czech Republic 2024
Instruction Instrukce Ksenia Pleshakova, Jelizavera Averko Estonia 2023
La bride - The dog's leash Psí vodítko Nicolas Piret Belgium 2022
Legacy Dort od babičky Tamás Ivády Hungary 2023
My father's car Tátovo auto Jeremy Andriambolisoa, Cérine Raouraoua, William Ghyselen, Benjamin Germe France 2023
Okyo Okyo Lucie Lisníková Czech Republic 2023
On the 8th Day Osmý den stvoření Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, Flavie Carin, Théo Duhautois France 2023
Pipes Trubky Jessica Meier, Kilian Feusi, Sujanth Ravichandran Switzerland 2022
Small Business Minimarket Mathis Dubrul France 2023
Such miracles do happen I takové zázraky se dějí Barbara Rupik Poland 2022
The Deer Jelen Baran Sedighian Bidgoli Netherlands 2023
The Nectar Instead Sladký nektar Yoo Lee United States of America 2023
The Wasteland Pustina Timotej Lukovič Slovak Republic 2023
There are people in the forest Lidé v lese Szymon Ruczynski Poland 2023
Vidalia Putování Camille Borg, Tabatha Hugues, Bastien L´Hourre, Constance Cartaut, Morgane Jolivel, Enzo Regardin, Emile Lachkar, Céline Soubrane, Diane Hamel France 2023


Documentary films
49 385 49 385 Helena Stańczyk Poland 2023
Budapest Silo Silo v Budapešti Zsófia Paczolay Hungary 2022
Poisoned Well Otrávená studna Radek Ševčík Slovak Republic 2023
Resilient Resilient Jan Považan Czech Republic 2023
Rising Above Přes střepy Natálie Durchánková Czech Republic 2023
Sea Fortunes Bohatství moře Elisa Mezquita, Armelle Fouat Belgium 2022
The World Is Ours Svět je náš Nadia Louis-Desmarchais Canada 2023
Wounds Rány Lesia Diak Ukraine 2023