25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
  • Elevator Alone
    Elevator Alone
    Country: Greece
    Year: 2022
    Director: Anastasia Papadopoulou
  • Neon phantom
    Neon phantom
    Country: Brazil
    Year: 2021
    Director: Leonardo Martinelli
  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave
    Country: Great Britain
    Year: 2021
    Director: Martyn Robertson
  • Tales of Franz
    Tales of Franz
    Country: Austria/Germany
    Year: 2022
    Director: Johannnes Schmid
  • Coast
    Country: USA
    Year: 2021
    Director: Jessica Hester/Derek Schweickart

Do not overlook

16. 5. 2022

The Festival Keeps a Wide Range of Visitors in Mind - Today Tips For Film Professionals

Many film professionals meet regularly in Zlín during the festival and this year, again, a diverse professional program has been prepared for them. Under the name Zlín Industry Days 2022, it is offering interesting conferences, presentations, and opportunities for informal meetings and exchanges of views and experience. The program will run from the festival Friday to Sunday and will focus on the development of audiovisual content for children and young people.

9. 5. 2022

TEEN MOVIES: Hope for New Days

The international competition of feature films for adolescents from the age of 11 will again present six films from around the world. Their heroes must face family grief, war threats, the hypocrisy around them, losses, or financial difficulties. In addition, they experience first loves, unconditional friendships, and new life hopes.

6. 5. 2022

This year's Golden Slipper Award will be awarded by the Zlín Film Festival to Pavel Zedníček and Karel Heřmánek

The largest and oldest film festival for children and youth in the world returns to its original spot in the calendar. It will start in three weeks in Zlín and will present 276 films from 49 countries. The Golden Slipper will be awarded this year by the organizers at the beginning of the festival to Pavel Zedníček and at the end to Karel Heřmánek. The 62nd Zlín Film Festival will take place from May 26 to June 1, 2022 and will open with the world premiere of the feature-length animated film Journey to Yourland.

4. 5. 2022

A Jungle of Young Souls

For the second year, the youth section is divided into two individual competitions – for adolescents from 11 and for young people from the age of 15. This year's selection for the older ones will present a palette of strong stories, emotions and figures of young people, which we find amidst conflicts affecting their future destinies or direction in life.

2. 5. 2022

Zlín Film Festival Has Presented This Year's Young Stars

This year, Brigita Cmuntová and Jan Nedbal were invited to Zlín by Zlín Film Festival's program organizers as representatives of a young generation of actors with a promising future. Visitors will be able to meet the pair of Czech Young Stars not only during the screening of the films they are accompanying to Zlín, but also during the planting the festival tree, at the red carpet, and at other occasions.

26. 4. 2022

Comic Book Bubbles Come Alive in a New Festival Title Sequence

Playful, colorful and imaginative - this is our new animated theme. Comic book bubbles come to life made of materials such as plasticine, paper, textiles, and even metal cuttings. See how the 62nd year of the festival will be kicked off next month.

25. 4. 2022

The Lucky Documentary Seven

Seven feature-length documentaries for young audiences will compete at the Zlín Film Festival for the European Children's Film Association (ECFA) Award this year. Seven is said to be a lucky number and we are glad because compiling a collection OF EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARIES for CHILDREN and YOUTH is a yearly challenge. And we like to overcome challenges, as do many of the protagonists of our films.

18. 4. 2022

Zlín Dog - Student Work Worth Seeing in the Cinema

Out of a thousand entries, a total of 43 student films made it to the Zlín Dog competition this year.

15. 4. 2022

Fantastic Animation and Where to Find It

There's no need to go too far. From May 26 to June 1 audiences will be able to find it at the festival's cinema halls. The International Competition of Short Animations for Children of the 62nd Zlín Film Festival will present 50 films from 22 countries around the world.



Gert Hermans

As communication officer for ECFA he is chief editor of two leading news platforms for the children’s film industry: the ECFA Journal online magazine and the ECFA Update. He was involved in various surveys and publications on children’s film and media, and served in festival juries and panels in Belgium and abroad. Gert Hermans, has been working in children’s film distribution, content marketing, and publishing for Jekino, a company with a long tradition in children’s film for many years.

16. 9. 2021

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury for the Children’s Category – “Sneakers are better than high heels”

I think the Int’l Expert Jury for Children’s Films would not only get along during a festival, they even could grow old together. I can perfectly imagine directors Johanne Helgeland (THE CROSSING) and Vit Karas, and sales & distribution expert Claudia-Rudolph Hartman run their little bookshop together, as two distinguished ladies and one true gentleman. They would serve tea to the costumers in little cups with a flowery imprint.

16. 9. 2021

Interview with the ECFA Jury - “Underestimated and overpriced”

We present this year’s festival juries to you in a series of interviews, based on a collection of rather random questions. You might hear it about nuns in a nunnery, about girls in a band, about female students in a boarding school. When spending too much time together, a certain symbiosis might take place. Like When Julia Jarl (BUFF festival, Sweden) starts a sentence, Nicola Jones (Golden Sparrow Festival, German) will be able to complete it (and vice versa). Like identical twins. Or like two shining pearls on the ECFA crown. Third jury member Michal Sasek can’t be here due to health reasons.

16. 9. 2021

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury for Short Animations – “A remarkable amount of badgers”

We present this year’s festival juries to you in a series of interviews, based on a collection of rather random questions. If the answers could be drawings, probably all this would have been easier, but now that it had to be words, it was all a matter of creating order in chaos. With the help of Barbora Prikaska (Czech Republic), Géza M. Toth (Hungary) and Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez (Poland / Germany) aka the “Animation Jury”.

15. 9. 2021

Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 September: “The Nirvana cassette that got stuck for ever”

You thought your festival schedule was tough? You thought you knew all about working long hours? Just look at the bartenders of the Legenda pub, that seldom closes before 5 o’ clock in the morning. The same guy who was serving your ‘velké pivo’ only a few hours ago, starts cleaning up the mess at 9 in the morning, as he has been doing for a whole week now. That deserves our full respect … although the gin-tonics this year are no longer what they once used to be.

14. 9. 2021

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury for the Junior & Youth Category – “We’re having an arms dealer among us”

We present this year’s festival juries to you in a series of interviews, based on a collection of rather random questions. There is nothing in the answers of the Int’l Expert Jury for the Junior & Youth Category that could confirm the rumours that some of them have been spotted in dubious establishments around town, not long before sunset. They  might have a rather dark approach towards cinema, but a much lighter approach towards interviews. Tian Tsering is a filmmakers who was awarded in the Zlin Film Festival a few years ago; Andrea Metcalfe and Niklas Ten have a background in sales and distribution. Andrea can join us only temporary but jury guide Suzanne is so kind to step in for her from time to time.

13. 9. 2021

Monday 13 September: “I hate cinema”

Today my favourite film from the entire festival is on. In the documentary BANGLA SURF GIRLS three girls from Bangladesh tell with superb authenticity about their perspectives for the future and how surfing had an impact on that. The film and the contacts with director Elizabeth D Costa got deep under my skin. Jaroslava feels exactly the same and has one school class recording their first reactions, as a gift to the director. The teacher’s statement would sound exactly like mine: “If you girls would have been here, we would have embraced you, stolen you, taken you into our homes and never have let you go for as long as you wanted.

12. 9. 2021

Sunday 12 September: A boom box on an electric scooter

My day starts with a beautiful tableau: a little girl comes walking up to the Moskva Hotel with a magic wand in her hand. Walking up to the sliding doors, she waves her magic wand and the doors open. She comes out again to do it once more: waving her stick, sliding doors, … she is so proud. She does magic!

11. 9. 2021

Saturday 11 September: Poisoning the Peanuts

For all guests staying in Hotel Moskva, we wonder: do you also have this weird set of white pebble stone decoration in your room? Not everyone has them (I for instance have been deprived of that privilege) and nobody trusts them! Why would they be there? It is a recurring topic of conversation, and theories are growing wilder all the time. Is it a Feng Shui thing? Do they cover up a surveillance system, secretly taping all your hotel room activities? I am getting curious to study them from close by, but “Can I come to see the pebble stones in your room?” doesn’t exactly sound like a credible opening of a conversation.

10. 9. 2021

Friday 10 September: All you need to know about throwing cowshit

I never mention covid in my writings – the topic is too obvious. But in festival conversations the word is everywhere. You might wonder what we’ll be talking about once all this will be over. Every day adds new elements to the discussion. Like, in German festivals it is impossible to ask your guests for a vaccination certificate; it belongs to people’s medical privacy. Not in Zlin: “We tell them, these are our rules, and if you can’t accept them, then don’t come.” All covid-safe guests get to wear a bracelet. There were times that in conversations you checked whether the other person was wearing a wedding ring or not; nowadays we check whether he or she is wearing a bracelet. Talking about wedding rings … did you notice that one of the most splendid members of the festival team is now wearing one, since a week or two? Congratulations, Princess Lucie!


12. 9. 2021

Lee Ji Won on KIDS ARE FINE: “When the fence is broken, kids can grow up”

Da-yi’s mother is in the hospital. Why exactly? Da-yi doesn’t know, as his father hasn’t told him. In fact, he doesn’t tell him much at all. But when his mother is transferred to another hospital, Da-yi is determined to go and visit her, even if he has to head out on a trip to a far and unknown destination in the company of some new friends and classmates.  

11. 9. 2021

Interview BANGLA SURF GIRLS: “If it tastes like sand, you have to clean it”

In Cox’s Bazar, at the Bangladesh coast, a young girl is riding the waves on her surfboard, all confidence and grace. “All my dreams are about surfing”, says Shobe. But those dreams might be different from the future that is awaiting her and her friends. The local community has very different expectations, and only one surf club accepts girls among its members. Now that the girls are growing up, sooner or later choices need to be made, and conflicts will be unavoidable. Canadian documentary filmmaker Elizabeth D Costa captures this gang of young surfettes at a crucial moment in their lives. BANGLA SURF GIRLS is a coming-of-age story like you might never have seen before.

11. 9. 2021

Cássio P. Santos on VALENTINA: “She's just a girl trying to fully live her life”

Tonight, Valentina wants to party until she drops, as tomorrow she’ll be leaving the city. Maybe moving to the countryside will help her escape from the obstacles she faces everywhere as a transgender teen in Brazil – with peers and grown-ups, in the big city and in the villages, at the streets and in the school office. In her new town, she builds a loyal network around her, only trusting her mother and two dear friends, who somehow feel like social outcasts themselves. But when information about her gender identity leaks out, trouble might start all over again unless Valentina can learn to firmly look her haters in the eye. With boundless anger and maturity, will she be strong enough to take on one more showdown?

10. 9. 2021

Yoichi Narita on FOLLOW THE LIGHT: “She can’t help but get angry.”

Endless rice fields, as far as the eye can see. They appear as geometrical shapes, criss-crossed by the straight lines of empty roads in a region where everybody seems to be moving away – to start a new life in the city. Amidst all these rigid shapes, there’s suddenly a circle: a crop circle in the rice paddies, where two lonesome classmates meet. The secret that Akira and Maki share makes them grow closer. But while bonding, will they still leave a door open to let the outside world ooze in?

9. 9. 2021

Barbara Kronenberg on MISSION ULJA FUNK: “Comedy comes in many different disguises”

Ulja Funk… the name sounds different, cool, almost… funky. Which is not the first impression you get when meeting the film’s main character, a rather nerdy girl with a passion for astronomy and a habit of speaking her mind straightforwardly, directly addressing the camera (and the audience). Her quest now is to travel to Belarus to observe the impact of an asteroid, which she does in a stolen car, with an underage classmate behind the wheel, while being chased by a bunch of religious fanatics. This zany adventure, which cracks a hard nut with the hypocrisy of organised religion, is the opening film of this year’s Zlin Film Festival.

9. 9. 2021

Majid Majidi on SUN CHILDREN: “Dreams flying up in the sky like pigeons”

When you see 12-year-old Ali handling his business in the streets of Tehran, you’re looking at a boy who walks and talks like a grown man. He and his friends work and live like adults. One day they are hired for an important task; it is said that a treasure is hidden in an underground river underneath a school building. It’s only by enrolling into that school that they might be able to get their hands on the valuable goods. But for a child labourer like Ali, a school might be a more adventurous and thrilling environment than the city streets.

8. 9. 2021

Linda Hambäck on THE APE STAR: “Cheaper for the poor, expensive for the rich”

Jonna, a well-behaved orphan girl, dreams of finding a mother. That wish might come true when one day a gorilla comes knocking, asking to adopt her. The situation doesn’t seem ideal at first, but ultimately the two have great times together. The odd couple naturally arouses suspicion among the decent citizens of town, but Jonna and Gorilla gracefully challenge their prejudices, in a moving Swedish animated film by Linda Hambäck. Although Jonna is brave enough to drive a car, the story begins… with a bicycle!

7. 9. 2021

Miryam Bouchard about MY VERY OWN CIRCUS: “Slicing tomatoes when preparing a sandwich”

When your father is a clown, does that mean your life is about nothing but fun and laughter? Not for 12-year-old Laura. She is a good student, a well-organised kid, and she dreams of a more steady lifestyle instead of this hectic, nomadic caravan existence. For Bill it is not easy to accept how his daughter has her own dreams to fulfil, that might greatly differ from his own. 

6. 9. 2021

Pan Nalin about LAST FILM SHOW: “A station that was nobody’s destination”

Must you be a film lover to become a filmmaker? If so, Pan Nalin, director of LAST FILM SHOW, must be a total film freak, as this story breathes a passion for cinema through every image. Once 9-year-old Samay has picked up the taste of film, he sneaks inside the theatre every day. He even infects his gang of friends with the cinema virus, and together they try to construct a film projector. Only his father, the owner of a tiny tea stall at the local train station, is not happy with his plans and Samay has to take several beatings to cure him of the cinema disease. LAST FILM SHOW invites you to a cinema in the Indian countryside, where the audience – chanting and clapping – actively take part in every screening.

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17. 9. 2021

The 61st Zlín Film Festival is over. Thank you for your support!

The festival was enjoyed by young and old, and we are very happy that the energy of so many people from the festival team was expended meaningfully and returned to us many times over. We also thank all our partners and supporters, without whom it would not be possible to keep the festival in Zlín. See how many faces stand in the background of the Zlín Film Festival.

16. 9. 2021

Festival closing gala evening

The 61st Zlín Film Festival said goodbye in style, the live broadcast of the official part of the gala evening was traditionally held on ČT art. We are glad that you visited the festival zones, came to the cinema and lived by the festival. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

15. 9. 2021

Top moments of the 6th festival day

This day has been accompanied by the sun since the morning, we are happy not only for the fact that the weather wishes us, but mainly for your favor. Thank you to all festival visitors.

15. 9. 2021

Festival stars on Tuesday's red carpet

The signature wall is almost full and a lot of other autographs were added on Tuesday. You can find many interesting photos in our photogallery.

14. 9. 2021

What happened on the festival Tuesday?

Many interesting events...

13. 9. 2021

Top moments of the 5th festival day

Great festival monday with great festival atmosphere!

13. 9. 2021

Red carpet on the festival monday

Not only Klára Issová was present on the red carpet on monday. See more festival celebrities in our photogallery.

13. 9. 2021

Program of the festival monday in photostory

The fifth day of the festival brought a varied offer of where to go. More in our photogallery.

12. 9. 2021

Top moments of the 4th festival day

The best moments of the Sunday from the point of view of our photographers.

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