Documentary film for young audiences lives!

09. May 2024

When we founded the section for European documentary films for young audiences years ago, we had big plans and ideals. We didn't know it would often be a tough nut to crack. There are few quality European feature-length documentaries for audiences under 15. However, they say patience is a virtue. And it seems that this year, we're finally in luck! We proudly present seven documentary films that will not only entertain young audiences but also inspire them.

These are films about children and young people who successfully overcome their disabilities or the obstacles that life presents them. They are stories about exceptional young individuals who have courage, perseverance, and above all, a positive outlook on the world.


The Hungarian film Circus Siblings follows the determined efforts of students at the Imre Barosse Circus Arts School. The uplifting documentary Eat/Sleep/Cheer/Repeat seeks to explore the world of young people finding their place through the sport they love. The French film We Have a Dream convinces us that life with a disability does not mean giving up on our biggest dreams. In the film Tell Them about Us, six young refugees must face not only the typical challenges of teenage life but also the complexity of adapting to an entirely new culture and environment. The bold, heartfelt, and aesthetically fascinating hybrid documentary Sting Like a Bee introduces a group of Italian teenagers who speak with absolute honesty about their everyday lives and are also huge fans of the legendary three-wheeled moped. The Czech film Dakar Sistaz follows teenage twins Aliyyah and Yasmeen Kolocova, who win car races and dream of competing in the Dakar Rally! The documentary collection concludes with the world premiere of The Grand Finale PSO. This time-lapse documentary about the extraordinary Police Symphony Orchestra is also a personal testimony of ordinary young people about the world around us.


Circus Siblings, Hungary, 2023, directed by Glória Halász

Eat/Sleep/Cheer/Repeat, Ireland, 2024, directed by Tanya Doyle

We Have a Dream, France, 2023, directed by Pascal Plisson

Tell Them about Us, Germany, Jordan, 2024, directed by Rand Beiruty

Sting Like a Bee, Italy, France, 2024, directed by Leone Balduzzi

Dakar Sistaz, Czech Republic, 2024, directed by Jan Těšitel

The Grand Finale PSO, Czech Republic, 2024, directed by Dominik Kalivoda