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Terracotta Army 2/6

Fri 02.06 | 10:01, Film Studios

Experience the atmosphere of the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi-chuang, who has been able to unite China with his actions. You do not have to travel so far away to the city of Si-an where the mausoleum of this emperor is, so you can see the elaborate terracotta soldiers in detail. The interactive exhibition will bring you closer to the life of a prominent Chinese ruler who has built the Great Wall of China to protect China from barbaric invaders from the north, and has introduced many reforms that are still valid today or used as the basis of modern China.
The mausoleum of the first emperor was built according to ancient traditions as the seat of the ruler, with this vast place of last rest was also buried by more than 8000 terracotta soldiers who had to guard him on the last trip.
The Mausoleum is now considered as the 8th Wonder of the World and we are delighted to be able to show you this amazing construction and unique terracotta soldiers in a small replica in the Czech Republic. Part of the exhibition is projection of documentary film.

We will look forward to you at the Film Studios in Zlín from 15 May to 31 July 2017, when this unique interactive exhibition will take place.
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 18.00
Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 18.00

Fri 02.06.2017 | 10:01 hours | Film Studios