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Section: Open-air Cinema

Bridget Jones´s Baby 2/6

Fri 02.06 | 21:30, Concert Zone

Projection of one of the most successful movie of recent time

The suffering of the unluckiest person in history hasn't ended. Bridget Jones is alone. An unplanned pregnancy, takes her by surprise, especially when she's not sure who the father is. Because not even her cynical gynecologist helps her in deciphering the tricky puzzle, Bridget finds herself in a very tricky situation. Both the reputable lawyer Mark Darcy and the owner of a successful online dating service, Jack Quant, step up with the determination to create a proper family with Bridget and her offspring. Neither, however, knows their chance of fatherhood is 50%. As she gets closer to term, Bridget feels compelled to tell the truth and choose to whom will the child say "daddy".

21.30 - 0.00, Concert Zone, Open Air Stage