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Section: International Competition of Feature Films for Children

The Falcons (2018) 8

Iceland | 2018 | 97 min.

We follow Jón (10) and his teammates as they travel to the Westman Islands to take part in a large football tournament held there every summer. There, Jón discovers a whole new side of himself as a football player and finds that he can take on more responsibility than he ever imagined. The boys’ lives take an unexpected turn, however, when they witness Ívar (10), a player from an opposing team, getting roughed up by his father, Tóti. The football tournament turns into a dramatic rescue mission as the boys try to save Ívar from his father. But it's easier said than done when nobody believes the boys. The boys need to find a way to prove what really happened and save Ívar from his broken home. Jón and Ívar, sworn enemies on the field, go together on an emotional journey with both dramatic and exciting consequences and find a friendship that will endure – and a nearby volcano will wake from its slumber.

Duration97 min
SubtitleEnglish, Simultanneous transla
Directed by Bragi Þór Hinriksson
Screenplay Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, Gunnar Helgason, Ottó Geir Borg
Director of Photography Ágúst Jakobsson IKS
Music Kristján Sturla Bjarnason
Edited by Guðni Halldórsson and Bragi Þór Hinriksson
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An Icelandic screenwriter, director and producer. He started out as a puppeteer. His film work has won over audiences, e.g. the comedy Harry & Heimir (Harry & Heimir: Morð eru til alls fyrst, 2014), family film Face to Face (Klukkur um jól, 2015) and TV drama series Promises (Loforð, 2017).

Sports, Friendship, Teamwork, Nature