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Junior League (2017) 14

Canada | 2017 | 115 min.

Five years after his team’s victory at the Quebec Pee-Wee Tournament, Janeau Trudel, a young eighteen-year-old prodigy hockey player, is now playing in the Quebec Major Junior League. At the dawn of his professional NHL selection, many obstacles will jeopardize his career and his most cherished friendships.

Duration115 min
Directed by Éric Tessier
Screenplay Emmanuel Joly and Martin Bouchard
Director of Photography Tobie Marier Robitaille
Music Christian Clermont
Edited by Alain Baril et Tim Miron Dauphin
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A Canadian screenwriter and director. He graduated in film studies from Concordia University in Montreal. He debuted with the drama Evil Words (Sur le seuil, 2003). His other works include 5150 Elm's Way (5150 Rue des Ormes, 2009) and The Pee-Wee 3D (Les Pee-Wee 3D, 2012).

Relationships, Sports, Friendship, Youth, Positive Choices