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Krakonos and the Skiers (1981) 6

Czechoslovakia | 1981 | 72 min.

This fabulous story about a mountain community is based on the rumors and fairy tales of this region and draws on the origins of these stories – the hard life of the people of the Giant Mountains. Something new arrived to these mountains at the start of the 1900s – skiing. And skiing is at the heart of this story whose main heroes are two little boys and their friend, a famous smuggler with all the qualities of the Lord of the Giant Mountains from fairy tales.

Duration72 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Věra Šimková - Plívová
Screenplay Jana Knitlová
Director of Photography Emil Sirotek
Music Petr Hapka
Edited by Eva Bobková
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A screenwriter and director known for films for children and youth. She studied directing at FAMU. From her extensive filmography we'll mention Tony, You're Crazy (1968), Brave Kids (1975), The Krakonoš and the Skiers (1980) and Stop Mewling, Squirrel! (1988).

Friendship, Comedy, Family, School, Tradition, Folklore, Childhood, Action + Adventure