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La La Land (2016) 12

U.S.A. | 2016 | 128 min.

In Los Angeles, a city full of hope and stars, Sebastian happens to meet Mia and the two set off to far beyond common everyday life – to a fairy-tale land of dreams fulfilled Dreams: La La Land. The talented jazz pianist and budding actress face an exciting adventure that has no resemblance to their real lives. He will no longer have to play crowded nightclubs for people who don't listen and she, after many unsuccessful auditions, gets a call for her dream movie role. Fate has put them together so that they can get to somewhere they wouldn't have on their own. They are madly in love and their journey is just beginning...

Duration128 min
Directed by Damien Chazelle
Director of Photography Linus Sandgren
Music Justin Hurwitz
Edited by Tom Cross
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An American screenwriter and director, he graduated in fine arts studies and environmental science at Harvard. He made his debut with the feature film Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (2009). International recognition and numerous awards were awarded him through his musical drama Whiplash (2014) and the musical La La Land (2016).