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Hermína Týrlová (2017) 5

Czech Republic | 2017 | 60 min.

The story of the first lady of animated film, who dedicated her life to children's productions. The film presents the internal development of the animation poetics of Hermína Týrlová, highlighting the aesthetic and technological problems of a number of experiments she was the first in the world to try. She chose her own themes for her work, wrote the scripts, and often produced the props. She tried a whole range of materials - from wood to plastic, wool, stone, modurite, fabrics and viscous pastries. The central line of narration is an animation style that brings her work closer to that of a child's world and it’s supported by the scenes of her animation works, which have been awarded at the most significant international festivals...

CountryCzech Republic
Duration60 min
Directed by Pavel Jirásek
Screenplay Pavel Jirásek
Director of Photography Petr Vejslík
Music Zdeněk Liška
Edited by JIří Mikula
Contact martin.polak@ceskatelevize.cz


A screenwriter, director, musician and writer, he studied aesthetics and musical science at Masaryk University in Brno. In co-operation with ČT, he has created cultural revues and magazines, e.g. Salon, Notes, and Style. He has created a number of portraits and short documentaries from the area of the arts, culture and society. He's also directed music and theater recordings.