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Tongue Cutters (2017) 8

Norway | 2017 | 69 min.

Cod tongue is a delicacy in Norway, and the job of cutting the cod’s tongue is traditionally reserved for children. In this charming and whimsical coming-of-age story, 9-year-old Ylva dreams of following in her family’s footsteps and earning money by working a season in the fisheries of northern Norway. Leaving her big city Oslo life behind, she arrives in a small fishing village and meets 10-year-old Tobias, a highly skilled and ambitious tongue cutter who takes her under his wing and shows her the art. With slickers on and knives sharpened the joyful duo dive into their work. Over time a beautiful friendship is formed while knee-deep in fish heads.

Duration69 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Solveig Melkeraaen
Screenplay Solveig Melkeraaen
Director of Photography Håvard Fossum
Music Håkon Gebhardt
Edited by Mina Nybakke, Elise Solberg, Erland Edenholm, Solveig Melkeraaen
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A Norwegian documentary filmmaker, she graduated from the University of Lillehammer. She established herself with the short documentary Radio Bingo (2002). She films for both TV and independently. From her film works we'll mention Statistics (2008), Fife and Fam (Fabelaktige Fiff og Fam, 2009) and Good Girl (Flink Pike, 2014).

Family, Friendship, Childhood, Nature, Teamwork, Tradition, Documentary