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Screenagers (2016) 12

U.S.A. | 2016 | 68 min.

Young people spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on cell phones, computers and other devices. That doesn't include the time they use screens for school and homework. 'Screenagers: How Much Screen Time is Healthy?' is a documentary that explores how much screen time is too much. It delves deep into the science behind screen time to understand how it affects young people's minds and development and explores how learning, playing and socializing online affects teens' developing attention span, fragile self-esteem and moral instincts. It also offers solutions to handle screen time and provides parents with tools to help young people develop self-control and find balance in their digital lives.

Duration68 min
SubtitleCzech, English
Directed by Delaney Ruston
Screenplay Delaney Ruston
Director of Photography Delaney Ruston
Music Paul Brill
Edited by Delaney Ruston
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An American documentary filmmaker, she studied to be a doctor at Cornell University and Stanford Medical School. Her film works are focused on health-related topics, e.g. Unlisted: The Story of Schizophrenia (2010) and Hidden Pictures (2013).

Internet, Family, Documentary