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Angel of the Lord 2 (2016) 8

Czech Republic | 2016 | 99 min.

The angel Petronel is still working at the Heavenly Gate, but he wants something better. His eternal tempter, the devil Uriah, suggests that he pick an apple from the Tree of Knowledge to know all that God knows, then he’ll quickly move on to better things. The two argue over the apple and they drop the precious fruit…down to Earth. The muddle-headed angel and his scoundrel friend devil must swiftly enter the world to find the Apple of Knowledge and bring it back. On the eve of Saint Nicholas Day day, they get tangled up in a peculiar whirl. Before they find the apple and return it to where it belongs, they endure a great adventure and go through quite a few dangerous setups...

CountryCzech Republic
Duration99 min
Directed by Jiří Strach
Screenplay Marek Epstein,
Director of Photography Martin Šec
Music Ondřej Brzobohatý
Edited by Jan Mattlach
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A film and television director and actor, he graduated from FAMU. He's played dozens of roles in movies of various genres. He focuses mainly on directing TV productions, e.g. Operations Silver A (2007), BrainStorm (2008) and Eights (Osmy, 2014). His independent works include the fairy tale An Angel of the Lord (Anděl Páně, 2005) and Oldies But Goldies (Vrásky z lásky, 2012).

Action + Adventure, Friendship, History, Cooperation, Fantasy, Religion, Teamwork, Tradition