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Section: International Competition of Feature Films for Children

Up in the Sky (2016) 8

Sweden | 2016 | 82 min.

Pottan is supposed to be spending her holidays at a pony farm, but her parents, who are always busy, end up leaving their eight-year-old daughter at a recycling yard by mistake. After a short discussion, the strange residents of the yard decide to take in the girl and she unexpectedly becomes part of a secret space mission. They are all sure that up there they will find fabulous treasures and the fulfillment of their dreams. Petter Lennstrand's life-sized puppets are already well known to Swedish TV viewers. In his debut feature film, his cheeky, unconventional characters tell a tale of friendship and the meaning of seemingly unimportant things.

Duration82 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Petter Lennstrand
Screenplay Martin Olczak, Petter Lennstrand
Director of Photography Erik Molberg Hansen
Music Kalle Frid, Pär Frid
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A Swedish writer, TV producer and director, he is also known as a puppeteer. He's made a number of TV programs for children, from whence he gradually developed his own technique of combining actors and hand-puppets. Among the works he's made are the TV series For All Ages (För alla åldrar, 2009-2011) and the co-directed comedy Best of Allram Eest (2005). His feature film debut is the feature family film Up in the Sky (2016).

Action + Adventure, Friendship, Positive Choices, Fantasy, Teamwork, Comedy