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Section: International Competition of Animated Films for Children

A Festive Wind (2016) 10

Switzerland, France | 2016 | 10 min.

It is a beautiful May morning and a Swiss village is preparing for the festival of brass bands. Refreshment stalls are filled, trophies are polished, tables are spread out. Volunteers are excited about their work because they will soon meet their idols - members of the brass band.

CountrySwitzerland, France
Duration10 min
LanguageNo dialogues
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Marjolaine Perreten
Screenplay Marjolaine Perreten
Director of Photography -
Music Olivier MIlliton
Edited by Zoltan Horvath
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A Swiss animator, director and illustrator, she studied multimedia design at ERACOM in Laussan and at La Poudrière school of animation in Valence. She works at the production company Nadasdy Film in Geneva. From her filmography, e.g. Baloon Birds (2013), Birds under the Light (Sous la lumière, les oiseaux, 2014) and November (Novembre, 2015).This film is a part of the set Short Animations 3.