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Section: International Competition of Animated Films for Children

Peep and the Paperplane (2016) 3

Germany | 2016 | 12 min.

While Bird mother Paula is away searching for food, her son Peep gets unexpected help from a Paper plane. Together they head out exploring the magical world around them. But their friendship is soon to be tested.

Duration12 min
LanguageNo dialogues
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Christoph Englert
Screenplay Christoph Englert
Director of Photography n.a.
Music Martina Eisenreich
Edited by Christoph Englert
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A German screenwriter and director, he studied film camera and direction at the Munich University of Film and Television. He has collaborated on many film productions and with TV and game companies. His directorial short film work includes Little Things (Kleinigkeiten, 2004), The Watchman and the Little Girl (Der Wachmann und das kleine Mädchen, 2007) and Side by Side (Nebeneinander, 2010).This film is a part of the set Short Animations 2.