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Section: Neighbourhood

Box & Ball: The Flag (2015) 5

Poland | 2015 | 5 min.

When a probe called BOX01 lands on a planetoid it tries to raise a flag to claim the newly discovered planet. It turns out the planet is inhabited by a one-eyed creature that looks and behaves like “quicksilver”.

Duration5 min
LanguageNo dialogues
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Tom Niedzwiedz
Screenplay Bartosz Wierzbięta, Tom Niedzwiedz, Mikołaj Valencia
Director of Photography (animation) Rafał Schubert, Krzysztof Faliński
Music Robert Amirian
Edited by (animation) Rafał Schubert, Krzysztof Faliński
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This film is a part of the set Neighbourhood - short animations.