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Behind the Blue Door (2016) 10

Poland | 2016 | 93 min.

Eleven-year-old Lukas and his mother get into a car accident that results in his and his mom’s hospitalization. When it turns out Lukas’ mom is in a coma, the boy must be taken care of by his only relative – aunt Agatha, whom he gets to meet for the first time in his life. Agatha brings the boy to her own guesthouse by the seaside and places him in a room his mom used to live in. It’s the room where Lukas accidently discovers a secret passage to a different dimension and soon learns what amazing and yet frightening mysteries the newly disclosed world hides. The blue door in his room is a gate to different reality. There he will have to face his fears, loneliness, helplessness and longings.

Duration93 min
Directed by Mariusz Palej
Screenplay Magdalena Nieć, Katarzyna Gacek-Stachowicz, Adam Wojtyszko
Director of Photography Witold Płóciennik
Music Michał Szablowski
Edited by Urszula Dutka
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A director and cameraman from Poland, he studied at the PWSFTViT film school in Lodz. His work includes TV series, short films, documentary projects and commercial work like TV spots and video clips. He made his feature-length debut with the film Behind the Blue Door (Za niebieskimi drzwiami, 2016).

Action + Adventure, Childhood, Illness, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery