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Section: International Competition of Student Films Zlín Dog

The Touch (2016) 5

Czech Republic | 2016 | 5 min.

The story of a sightless boy and his perception of everyday life. One day the boy meets a girl. During their meeting, a dandelion lands in his hand. The boy believes that it is her touch. This awakens his imagination and desire.

CountryCzech Republic
Duration5 min
LanguageNo dialogues
Directed by Lucie Ambrůžková
Screenplay Lucie Ambrůžková
Director of Photography Lucie Ambrůžková
Music Zdeňek Zdeňek
Edited by Lucie Ambrůžková
Contact lucie.ambruzkova@seznam.cz


This film is a part of the set Zlín Dog - Student Animations 3.