Section: Honoring the Greats - 80th Anniversary of the Zlín Film Studio

Leo at the Photographer´s (1973) 8

Czechoslovakia | 1973 | 8 min.

A new part in a series about a family of lions headed by the wise Leo. He can turn into objects to make it easier for him to cope with the often outright dangerous situations in which he often finds himself. This time his family is terrified when a bird flies out of the camera at the photography studio and wreak havoc while hastily escaping.

Duration8 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Jan Dudešek
Screenplay Jan Dudešek
Director of Photography Antonín Horák
Music Zdeněk Liška
Edited by Antonín Štrojsa
Contact Krátký Film Praha a.s.


Jan Dudešek (1926-1988), a director, animator and artist, was one of the most significant filmmakers of Zlín's animated film studio. He made around 80 short works intended primarily for children. He focused mainly on the use of puppets on the motion side of his works. He made his debut with the film You Can't Please Everyone (Všem nelze vyhovět, 1958), then went on to interest audiences with, e.g. The Problem (Problém, 1963) and a successful series about a family of lions called Leo the Hunter (Leo, 1966, 1972-1973). He also directed a number of TV series, of which we'll mention Čin-čin (1970) and Danka and Janka (Danka a Janka, 1971).This film is a part of the set Ghosts of Dormers.